Prynt, the world’s first smartphone case that prints, launches on Kickstarter 

Instant camera case hopes to raise $50,000 on crowdfunding site

San Francisco – Today, the hotly anticipated Prynt Case launches on Kickstarter, with early bird pledges starting from $79. Prynt is the first of its kind, a smartphone case that turns your iPhone or Android smartphone into an instant camera by printing photos on the go. In addition to printing, the clever case makes the images to come to life when scanned by your camera, turning them into a short augmented reality video to be played and enjoyed on your phone.

The Prynt Case attaches to your smartphone like an ordinary phone case, and lets you print images taken from your smartphone gallery or social media with the click of a button. Simply snap a picture, press print, and the image will magically print in just 30 seconds. Prynt’s augmented reality function also turns your images into video clips when they are scanned by your phone’s camera. This added dimension offers a new way to share life’s special moments and bring your pictures to life.

“Most people have a smartphone with a camera, and social media lets us immediately share and ‘like’ photographs, meaning images have more social value than ever. Yet it’s the quantity rather than the quality of images that are valued. They have lost the deeper meaning that they had in past generations when photographs were precious, physical items that were used to share stories and memories. Prynt hopes to bridge this gap by printing memories off from your phone, and bringing back the joy of holding an actual photograph in your hand„ CEO Clément Perrot 

Prynt is available in colors pink, white and blue, and is compatible with the iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 6 and Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5. Early bird pledge levels for Prynt Cases are available to back at $79 with shipping scheduled Summer 2015.

Augmented Reality Printing

The additional ability to film a segment that accompanies each photo means your photographs become the cover of a digital story, and your phone plays them when the image is held to the camera. This new way of sharing moments is unique to Prynt and brings augmented reality into the hands of the consumer. Nothing like this has been seen on Kickstarter before, and the Prynt team are excited to be launching the new technology on the platform.

“Kickstarter is the perfect place to launch Prynt, as it hosts a community of people that value innovation, productivity and fun. We look forward to this community seeing Prynt in action, and printing and creating their digital stories that perfectly capture life’s precious moments.„ Vikram Chudasama, Head of Business Development


About Prynt

Prynt reimagines how we share digital content in the physical world with the first-ever photo-printing device for your smartphone. Prynt photos have short video clips embedded inside so you can share your memories in a way that’s tangible and magical.

In 2015, Prynt launched the Prynt Caseon crowdfunding website Kickstarter raising over $1.5 million. With this success, Prynt released its second generation version the Prynt Pocketin May 2017, a smaller and portable instant camera that fits into the palm of your hand.

Due to the high volume of requests from fans and users, Prynt announced Prynt Pocket for Androidon Kickstarter in October 2017, which will be released later this year.

Prynt’s mission is to inspire creativity and communication. Prynt is owned by QuickerPics LLC and Skyview Capital.